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    Circular Extruded Cut Issue

    Collin Kinder

      HI everyone,


      I want to thank you for all of your help on my last question. I'm sorry if this question has been asked before but I'm still learning my way around this forum.


      So, before when I would have a solid and would draw a circle on a plane, I could click extruded cut and it would automatically make a beautiful cylindrical cut through the solid to a depth of my choosing. Now, all of the sudden, when I draw a circle and extrude cut it, it automatically inscribes a polygon (like an octagon or something) and extruded cuts that. I've tried opening new drawings and changing settings but I cannot figure out why the heck it's doing this all of the sudden.


      This is now screwing up a homework assignment because the way we're supposed to verify our work is by the mass. The mass is more than it should be because of the inscribed polygon it's cutting instead of the outer circle.


      Any help would be massively appreciated. Thank you!!



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          Kelef Man

          hei'ya Colin,

          maybe post a scrnsht or a dummy file-

          to see the problem you're having-

          a dummy file would be best-

          it will allow members to check

          which SW ver and settings you have-

          a scrnsht of the feature selection-

          will only eliminate that you're not-

          selecting "polygon" instead of "circle"


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            Dwight Livingston



            Check the image quality setting under document properties. Slide it to the right. The holes may just look faceted.



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              Collin Kinder

              Thanks everyone. I will go check now and report back. If not I will post a screen shot.


              Okay so it's definitely not an image quality issue. It's actually making polygon extruded cuts wherever I put a circle. Here's a photo


              I just started a brand new drawing and drew a rectangle, 50x50, then extruded it 30, then drew a circle on the top plane and hit extruded cut and of course it cuts a polygon within the circle. I took a close up screen shot to show you the original circle drawn (blue line) and the polygon cut (Orange line).


              Now keep in mind it has never done this before. Before I was able to draw a circle and hit extruded cut and it would cut cylindrically.

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                  Jamil Snead

                  That does look like an image quality setting issue to me. Did you try setting the image quality slider to the right as Dwight suggested?

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                      Collin Kinder

                      Can you please tell me exactly how to access this 'image quality slider?' I am cryptic when it comes to windows (as you can see its a mac in the photo, just did the whole boot camp thing), and even worse when operating a program I just learned on an OS I'm not used to. I found some image quality things under properties but none were successful.


                      Edit: I'm not sure how it can be an image quality thing actually. I've gone thru and verified all dimensions and they are true to the ortho provided for the homework. The only difference is mine is about 3 grams heavier and this is the only place I can find that would cause it since it's not taking off as much material as it should with the cut.


                      Thanks for any help, I'm sorry I'm just frustrated.

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                          Deepak Gupta

                          Click on Options > Document Properties > Image quality and you can see the slider there. Further the 3 grams difference could be because of the lower accuracy settings on your machine.



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                            John Burrill

                            Collin, what you're looking at is display aliasing that all vector programs do.  Your 3D model is rendered by your graphics card as individual triangles.  The more triangles that are generated, the smoother curves and curved surfaces look.  However, there's a performance tradeoff because more triangles means more GPU processing and memory are required to put the image on screen.  So what you're seeing is a level of detail that Solidworks uses as a general display approximation.  When you zoom in tight on a curve, it appears polygonal and the edges and selections may not coincide.

                            Now, it's important to note that display artifacts do not affect mass properties, geometric relations or mates.  You still have a cylindrical hole in a square block.

                            Changing your image quality settings and turning on full-scene anti-aliasing may improve the appearance of your model on the screen and make editing better, but the results you can achieve largely depend on your graphics hardware and it's level of support by SolidWorks.

                            To determine how well your Mac hardware is supported, run SolidWorks Rx (Windows start menu, All Programs>SolidWorks>SolidWorks Tools).

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                        Collin Kinder

                        Ahh!!!! Finally. Thank you. All fixed. It was just weird because it had never done this before and then all of the sudden, without changing any settings to my knowledge, started doing this.


                        OKay, last thing... I'm still 1 gram off of the mass I should be and I think it's because there is supposed to be this hex bolt hole with A point (or cone in 3D) at the tip. When I used the hole wizard and set it to the required settings: CBORE for M5 Hex Head Bolt Diameter 1 = 5.50mm down 30mm and Diameter 2 = 12.24mm down 3.58mm


                        It drew everything perfectly except for the pointed tip. Instead it's just completely flat. Any ideas why it didn't put that tip in?


                        I'Ve attached a photo of the ortho for the front and right projections. The only place my drawing differs is the pointed tip in the bolt hole.