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    Really new guy !

    Chuck Rannacher

      Over the hill impoverished student studying AutoCAD & Mastercam now, Solid works next semester.

      Trying to upgrade my computer to a Lenovo P300 workstation.

      I think I'll be OK with 8gb ram , Intel I5 4590, and Nvida Quatro 420 graphics card but I think the sales guys at Lenovo are trying to run up the price.

      Telling me I need I7, 16GB ram, high end graphics , etc.,.......

      Trying to stay around (or under $1000.)


      Your opinions ???





























































































































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          Jeff Mirisola

          It depends on what you plan on doing. However, you might want to check out the recommended specs here and here to be sure you get a system that will at least meet the minimum requirements.

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            Mark Kaiser

            If you're just planning to model basic parts and assemblies, not swoopy flash surfaces (car bodies), no assemblies over 250 parts, you'll probably be fine.  That's our style, and we never used to buy approved machines.  Just run w/o realview turned on.  You can do simexpress with a non-approved machine also.

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              Nathan Rollins

              As a rookie, and a student, even if you were to be playing with rendering, I doubt you will have any issues with the specs you've listed.  I don't know the specifics of the vid card you listed, but generally a Quadro will give you good performance and is necessary over integrated graphics when running 3D CAD.  I would google your card and "solidworks" and read what you find just to make sure there are no glaring incompatibilities to avoid.  If you were going to be earning a living using this machine, regardless of the model complexity, I would recommend going with a "W" class Lenovo (or a Dell Precision - even better)  But for learning and playing around, you will be fine.


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                Robert Lankford

                Like everyone else has mentioned, it depends on what what extent you are planning on taking your models to. With 50,000 part assemblies you'll want some go-power, but for ANYTHING I ever did in school, my $400 Acer i5 Laptop with 4gb RAM and an unapproved graphics card never missed a beat. However, I always save frequently juuuuuuust in case.


                If you go with an unapproved graphics card you won't get "realview" but from what I remember I could still use Photoview360 (I may be mistaken). I think the Realview reflections are distracting anyways.


                We did lots of testing and did find that an overclocked i7 (not sure if Lenovo will do that b/c Dell sure won't) beats a Xeon processor. If I can find where the results ended up I'll shoot them over to you.


                So on that note, I vote a Boxx Apexx 5 (just kidding.... it's over $10k)


                I think any workstation PC on the market will meet your needs just fine.

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                    Mark Kaiser

                    I believe your assumptions on no realview but you can run Photoview, on an unapproved card, are correct.  Seems that used to be the way SW worked for us with onboard graphics.


                    Another helpful hint, if you know what specs you want, check with your school student store also, usually a discount there, especially on M$ software (word, excel, outlook).  May get discounted computer's from school student store also.

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                    Robert Lankford

                    Also, I know that Lenovo does alot of "special student pricing" so someone there may just be trying to get more commission..


                    Finally... WELCOME TO SOLIDWORKS !!! You made a wise class decision!