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    Sharing Material Database

    Dan Dangremond


      I need to share my custom Material Database with another SWuser.  If I just copy the   (.sldmat) file, thereceiving user cannot access the database file in SW.  What doI need to do to correctly export/import.


      Also once I edit this database in Excel, even if I copy rowsexactly and only alter specific cells (I.E. change material name),the file becomes corrupt in SW's eyes.


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

        • Sharing Material Database
          Anna Wood
          Take your material database and place it out on the network in a folder with all your other standard files for SolidWorks. This should be where all your templates, formats, BOMS, Blocks, etc should be.

          Then you can go to Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations and set the path to your standards. You will then be able to make your updates in one spot and have the standards available to all your users.

          To edit the file use a text editor such as Windows Notepad. The sldmat file is just a plain text XML file and it will get corrupted from all the extra charecters an application like Excel will add to the file.

            • Sharing Material Database
              Dan Dangremond

              Thanks Anna,

              Yes, we do have a primary database that we use internally. I was just making sure if I could possibly export a specificmaterials database with a customer.  I just needed to set thecustomer up correctly.  I think we have that solved.


              It sure would be nice if we could edit the .sldmat file in Excelas that is what it is setup in.  It must be placing somecorrupt info in once you save it from Excel.


              Thanks, DDD