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Why do Solidworks keep braking things that worked before?

Question asked by P. Farnham on Feb 20, 2015

I have used Solidworks together with WPDM since 2003.

In that time, on every yearly release, Solidworks insists on braking something that used to work.


I can not upgrade to Solidworks 2015 even though I pay the yearly subscriptions!


This is because WPDM was broken in the 2015 release.

Edrawings was also broken in the 2015 release.


Solidworks have now almost patched up 2015, but not quite, as Edrawings will still not work correctly with PDMW.

We now have to wait until SP3 to get Edrawing working with WPDM.


I think us yearly subscription payers should get some kind of rebate due to bad software releases and also for only getting around six months of use of these releases.


Please Solidworks, skip a release and fix the current release first, so that we can use it without losing time and make it reliable.


If this was a car I would have scrapped it by now as it is as reliable as the worse car is in America.

Oh that would be the Mini then!