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    Help with dimensioning in 3D

    Collin Kinder

      Hi everyone,


      First post. I am a student at the Colorado School of Mines and they have kind of left us to our own devices with SolidWorks and homework drawings. The problem I'm having is I cannot seem to dimension in 3D. I will create the drawing, lets say, starting in the front plane and will have that fully defined using the 'smart dimension' tool. But the second I extrude that shape into 3D, I cannot dimension anymore.


      I have 'Sketch' and 'Smart Dimension' both highlighted and it will allow me to click on a line or fillet or something, and the dimension will appear but it is all grayed out and it won't let me solidify the dimension. When I try and click to add the dimension it's showing me it keeps saying 'Cannot create this dimension' and that's it. I hope all of this makes sense!


      Please help! I have drawings due in 3 hours...


      Collin K.