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    Macro to change grams to kilograms in part and assembly models?

    Mark Mahaffey

      I have a macro that will accomplish my task in each individual file but now I need it to run through a batch of files in a specified folder using task scheduler and i'm lost as to how to customize my macro to do this.  If you can help I would really appreciate it.  Below is what I have now.


      Dim swApp As Object



      Dim Part As Object

      Dim boolstatus As Boolean

      Dim longstatus As Long, longwarnings As Long



      Sub main()



      Set swApp = _




      Set Part = swApp.ActiveDoc

      Dim myModelView As Object

      Set myModelView = Part.ActiveView

      myModelView.FrameState = swWindowState_e.swWindowMaximized

      boolstatus = Part.Extension.SetUserPreferenceInteger(swUserPreferenceIntegerValue_e.swUnitsMassPropMass, 0, swUnitsMassPropMass_e.swUnitsMassPropMass_Kilograms)

      End Sub



      Thanks again for any help you might can provide.