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removing color from all faces

Question asked by Keith Pedersen on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by Keith Pedersen

There was a sequence to automatically SELECT all model faces by an ascribed color - so that you could REMOVE the color, most commonly - but I believe it involved plugging in the SWX-Professional, advanced "UTILITIES" plug-in, and then setting the color as a filter.  THis comes up, oh, pretty often, for example when you open a STEP import of an assembly, and the STEP translator frequently assigns the color BLACK to every single face, not even as an assembly, part, body, or feature property.


What was the sequence?  Has a better, more general proceedure for doing this, sprung up, since SOlidworks has modernized the Color Manager - or is the old UTILITIES method still the best thing going?