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Macro - Drawing to PDF & part flat pattern to DWG/DXF

Question asked by Joakim Wolgers on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by Keith Rice



I´m trying to make an macro who will "save as" PDF & DWG/DXF flat pattern from the drawing and the part.

It should also check if the file already exists and then popup to save as another filename.

Maybe it should check if the part is an sheet metal part also and if not SendMsgToUser "It´s not an sheet metal part. Can´t save DWG/DXF."


I found some macros on the internet who does something similar but not exactly what I needs.


I´ve recorded an macro and tried to editing it but can´t get it to work. See attached files.


Would be very pleased if someone have any clues hove to fix this. ! !