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Part Accuracy

Question asked by Tom Gabriel on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by Tom Gabriel

I am working thru an issue with translating complex geometry from SolidWorks to CREO SolidDesigner. I found the when exporting the SolidWorks file as .step or .iges, the model geometry accuracy level decreases from 1.0E-6mm to 1.0E-3mm when using the loft feature.


I created a simple circle to rectangle loft. Then performed a check for maximum edge gap and maximum vertex gap. Each result was 5E-6mm. I then exported the geometry as a .step file and imported into CREO SolidDesigner. The resulting geometry then translated to 1.0E-3mm.


Our current engineering standard is set for 1.0E-4mm. I found that when creating any part using a loft feature, this accuracy is not obtainable. I am searching a solution for this issue, and so far there has not been a reason to why this is happening. Ive attached some pictures for details.