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    Can I truncate a custom properties value on my BOM?

    Andrew Hsu

      Hi all,


      I am trying to improve our drawing setup. Currently, our setup is that we use the Custom Properties Tab, with numerous custom properties included. One of them is our "Description" section, which we have split up into separate lines (Description_1, Description_2, etc). However, this means that we must estimate how many characters we can add-- otherwise, in our title blocks, the description will end up outside of the sheet.


      My idea was to just combine all of our description fields into a single property, and then manually size the textbox on the drawing sheet. This works great for the title block; however, in our BOM, it now makes that component's description a multi-line entry, which is undesirable for our purposes. I've linked a small demo of what I'm talking about below. Thanks for your help!