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    Sparkles in PhotoView

    Alan Thomason

      I've had some good luck with PhotoView and some bad luck.  Bearing races and elements work quite well for me, but metal which isn't chromed or polished often shows these sparkles.  Has anyone had this same result and if so are there any suggested solutions?

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          Abilash V.



          Are you happy with above result, I have created with AISI 304 STEEL material. Nothing more is been added model. What material do you use ?

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              Alan Thomason

              HI All...This was very helpful, because this is a better result than I would have been able to achieve had I wanted the spring to be shiny.  The look I was going for was a 'rough' steel like shot blasted.  I seem to only have luck with PhotoView if I am trying to produce a polished steel appearance like in the inserted image.RenderedImage_2014-11-08c.JPG


              Whereas if I want a rough steel contrasting with polished steel, like in the following...




              I actually like the native appearance in SolidWorks better, although it is still obviously a CAD model.  The attempt at rendering produces all of these intense spots.  I realize I must be doing something wrong, but can't figure out what it is.  I've tried setting the bumps to zero, but it had no noticeable affect.


              Regardless, thanks all for your help. 

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              Mark Biasotti

              Hi Alan,


              Which version of SW are you using? >SW2013 I feel that metal materials are quite good and selection that is presented you are visually accurate. One thing that you might have to adjust is the scale of the mapping in the material as well as the bump map depth. The "sparkles" that you see are a purposeful affect that is part of the metal material. If you do not desire to have the "sparkles" you can edit the material and go to the "surface finish" tab and adjust the "bump strength" to zero (or somewhere in-between the current value and zero.)



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                Kelef Man

                hei'ya Alan,

                this is a scrnsht PV360 SW14-

                with your model (Material<not specified>) and my default settings




                so I would look at you PV360 settings/ scenes,lighting and camera options

                hope this helps- have a good'n- kelef


                edit: typo's and Mark Biasotti points quite rightly, quicker than me

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                  Arthur McRae

                  I have played with different setting in the appearance advanced settings


                  This is the results I was easily able to obtain.

                  If you use the "sandblasted steel" appearance the "illumination" setting are these:


                  I changed the "Specular spread" and the "Reflection amount"


                  Try messing around with these settings to get what you want.