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    intace monifold flow simulation

    Mantas Jucius

      Hi, i am new at flow simulations, and i am trying to check intace monifold. This is my result:1.jpg
      i want to simulate flow by exel chart (time and pressure drops on a ports(pressure drops is when inlet valve opens)3.jpg


      (few ports charts for example)
      but when i try to animate flow trajectories, its all goes to 3th ant 6th ports, and nothing changes.
      Where I faild?
      Hopefuly You understand my problem.
      Sorry about my English skills

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          Amit Katz

          I have seen somebody do something like this on YouTube. You made a similar error as him, using pressure boundary conditions to simulate the opening and closing of valves. When your "valve" is closed you have some environmental pressure set, but your fluid will still be free to move through those BCs. If you know your mass flow rate through the fully open valves perhaps you could employ a time dependant mass flow rate boundary condition, though I'm not sure you will get the right pressures at the BCs.

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              Jared Conway

              i also dont think you can do 0 flow rate to stop it. you'd have to do something very very small which is usually why people go with pressure bcs.


              the other comment i would make is that a flow trajectory probably isn't the best way to visualize this as it will be only for that one instance in time. a better option might be to look at a cut plot that is transient (ly) animated