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How to change the part naming in assemblies to be exported with configuration names instead of instance id ?

Question asked by Matthieu Lapeyre on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by Deepak Gupta



I have a simple problem, yet I do not find any solution.


I use a lot the solidworks "configuration" feature. In my case, I have symmetrical parts and configurations are used to distinguish left and right parts.

For example I have a "leg" part with two configurations named "left" and "right". This part has to be 3D printed, therefore it is exported to STL.


The configuration names are displayed in the tree (as explained here) but I would like to have the exported STL filename to have also the name of the configuration.


If I have an assembly with the two legs, the exported STL files only contain the instance id and will look like this:

Assem1 - leg-1.STL

Assem1 - leg-2.STL


But I would like to have this output:

Assem1 - leg-1 - right.STL

Assem1 - leg-2 - left.STL


Is there any way to do it ?