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Pipe supported continuously on ground

Question asked by Nikhil Phatak on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by Sam Zhang

Dear Friends,


We are trying to simulate two cases where a pipe (323.9mm DIA and 23.8mm Wall thick), 200 meters long which is


Case 1) continuously supported (i.e. resting) on the ground.

Case 2) continuously supported on ground, with 50mm settled (i.e. embedded) inside the ground.


We are using Solid Works Premium(Static solver).We intend to model pipe with SHELL element and with elastic support to simulate ground.

However, we have observed that in SOLIDWORKS 2015 there is no option for elastic support for SHELL element.


To run study with SOLID elements for pipe having 200m length seems not feasible in SOLIDWORKS.


Kindly provide your suggestions. Sketch and Solid Works file showing problem is attached.


Jared Conway as discussed I have created a separate string for this.



Nikhil Phatak


Thanks in advance.