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Missing BOM selection options in EPDM

Question asked by Donald Grunloh on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Elisabeth Daley

SolidWorks 2014 SP4

EPDM 2014 SP1


From what I have read EPDM allows users to select/view different BOM (computed, named, SolidWorks) and different BOM column layouts (using the admin tool to create a BOM layout for purchasing, and another for engineering).  To select a different BOM (named, computed, SolidWorks) or BOM layout an individual selects the "Bill of Materials" tab, then click the "BOM Type" selection box and select the BOM you wish to view.   


I have created an assembly and inserted a BOM table into the assembly (insert-->tables-->BOM) saved and checked-in the assembly.  When I select the assembly inside EPDM and navigate to the Bills of Materials tab I am only given one BOM type to select from (I assume this is the standard computed BOM).  I have no options to select computed, or SolidWorks, or even a different BOM column layout type.


Is there a setting or step within SoildWorks or EPDM I am missing that would allow users to view SolidWorks assembly BOM from EPDM?


P.S. Maybe a simpler explanation.  I am trying to view the SolidWorks BOM within EPDM following these instructions - 2014 SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Help - Bill of Materials Tab - SOLIDWORKS BOM .  When I select an assembly with a BOM table I am only given one option under view selection (I assume computed BOM), the SolidWorks BOM option is not displayed.