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EPDM a pain in 2015

Question asked by Jeremy Post on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2015 by Matt Camacho-Cook

When in a part, assembly, or drawing, I always right click in the tree on the part, assembly, or drawing and "check out", "check in", "get latest version" etc. In 2014 these options were at the top level, 2015 has them indented - must click the "Enterprise PDM" menu, scroll over and down to the various EPDM functions.


The other hassle is also when in a part, assembly, or drawing. When I click on the EPDM button to edit properties or do anything else vault related, I must again select the part, assembly, or drawing before I can do anything whereas 2014 would assume you wanted to edit the top level part if nothing was selected in the drafting window.


Anyone else seeing these same things. Everything seems to work, it's just frustrating that this version adds so many actions to do the same function.