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    Average salary in New York

    Paul Moreton

      Hi all,


      I was wondering what the average salary is in New York for a Design Engineer or Solidworks user with 3 years experience?


      Also what would be a low salary?


      I'm looking to move from the UK and would like to see if its financially possible?


      Many Thanks

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          Jeff Mirisola

          I'm just guessing here as I don't live in New York, but I'd say somewhere in the $60,000-$80,000 range depending on the industry with 3 years experience. If you mean New York City, the range may slide slightly up. Obviously, a lot of it depends on what industry as well.

          However, if you go to Indeed.com, they'll tell you that the average salary is $126,000. Design Engineer Salary in New York, NY | Indeed.com

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            Peter De Vlieger



            You do know that 'average salary' is dependant on so many factors that it's near to impossible to get any decent indication.

            For instance: age, years of experience as a design engineer, field, qualifications, etc...


            Even if someone provides you with an 'average salary' then you know as well as I that it only paints half the picture.


            The other half being the factors of cost of living, commuting and most importantly medical expenses.

            The latter being so unbelievable large that even when provided by the employer it is in general still much more expensive then what us Europeans would think is possible.

            Not to mention all the benefits that we are used to such as paid maternity leave, paid sick days, paid vacation days and such.


            Have a nice one


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              Jamil Snead

              My guess is around the same range as Jeff, although I don't live in NY either so my gauge could be off. I have worked in Los Angeles and San Diego though so I would imagine it would be similar. I would expect starting salary to be around $50k-$60k. Depending on how relevant the 3 years experience are the employer may or may not pay much more than the starting salary. But of course that depends on the industry too.


              Over $100k sounds way too high to me. But maybe cost of living in NY means that they pay much more out there.

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                Mike Agan

                by engineer, I assume you mean a 4 year degree (B.S)?

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                    Glenn Schroeder

                    Mike Agan wrote:


                    by engineer, I assume you mean a 4 year degree (B.S)?


                    That's a good point.  The OP said "Design Engineer or Solidworks user with 3 years experience".  I'm a SolidWorks user/designer with 6 years of experience, but I'm not an engineer.  That can make a difference.

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                      Paul Moreton

                      Yes, I have  BS degree in product design and now work as a Design engineer for the past 3 years.

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                          Mladen Pavlovic

                          NYC area here.



                          the estimate given by guys before me was correct more/less. It all depends on how company intends to use you. If you are to be principal designer, you might go in the upper end of the range. If they have principal designer, they you'll probably be in the middle/bottom of the range. Also important is that some potential employers might look at your 3 year UK experience in different light, opposing 3 year experience from the US (probability of this happening is small, but still exists)


                          BUT what is more important is (as Peter pointed out before me), that life in the city is way too expensive and $70K does not guarantee a nice living. Let's say you find a job on Manhattan. If you do not want to live to far, you would need about $3000 / month for decent apartment to rent. If you go for lower rent, you will pay in your commute time.  Living in Brooklyn/Queens close to Manhattan is not much cheaper either. 2 weeks of paid vacation and probably basic health insurance, maybe 5 sick days and 7-10 holiday days - this is standard for this tri-state area. Probably need to count in some additional over time (when necessary) which can be unpaid (and if you are on the salary, it almost certainly is unpaid)


                          In any way, living in/close to NYC has its advantages but you really need to think it through and plan thoroughly. 


                          Good luck,