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Repetition of Mates / smartfasterners

Question asked by Arthur Hubert on Feb 16, 2015


When I use smartfasteners to obtain screw, washers and bolt. The problem is when I want to move the washers for instance. I modify the coincident mate created by smart fasteners and enter a distance instead. However, If I want to do that for all the screw + washer + bolt, i do it one by one, is there any way to do a repetition for that?


Moreover, in smartfasterners, is that possible to add part in the library? If for instance I want to use eye nut instead of bolt?


Last, I created some holes with the function "symetrie" ( like group 2, symetrie from group 1) . Therefore, when I use smartfasteners, i can select the first holes sketched (group 1)  but the second group apper as "symetrie". Why smart fasteners doesnt reccognize directly all the holes? I have to do smartfasterners with group 1, and then do a symetrie again .

Solution could have been to do smart fasteners before the symetrie so that the symetrie would have concer the holes with the screw on it.


Thanks for your help,