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Analyze Solid Plate as Shell?

Question asked by John Willett on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2015 by Jared Conway

Is there a best way to analyze a relatively thin solid body as a shell?


My geometry is modeled as a solid.  Inside the simulation study, I can right-click the solid body and select "Define Shell by Selected Faces..."  This seems to convert the solid into a shell for analysis purposes, at least it meshes as a shell, but here's the rub:  I can't seem to select the shell edges/faces to apply the fixtures/loads.  The faces of the solid are selected instead, and then the solver cannot find the fixtures/loads for the shell and fails.


One work around I've stumbled on is to insert a "Mid Surface" feature for the shell and then a "Delete Body" feature to camouflage the solid for the analysis.  (Applying "Exclude from Analysis" to the solid body does not seem to do the job.)  Then I can select edges of the shell, but it seems a rather cumbersome approach:

Plate to Thick Shell 2.png

Thanks for any recommendations. -- John WIllett


P.S. -- A "Circular Symmetry" fixture, as appropriate for this "pie slice" of a full disk, does not seem compatible with a shell.  (I found I had to apply "Rotation" = 0 fixtures around the two radial edges to simulate this.)  Is this true, or am I missing some trick? -- J.W.