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Invalid geometry when trying to use cavity tool.

Question asked by Ant Arg on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2015 by Ant Arg

Hi Solidworks forum.


I have another thread on here where someone named JOHN GEORGE really helped me out with converting and IGES file into solid data. Struggling to find my away back to the original thread so thats why im starting a new one. Massive thanks to JOHN GEORGE for the solid.


Basically i am trying to make a mould split so we can machine two halves for an injection mould. Here is a link to the files. Dropbox - UPLOAD Im not worried about the inserts and for the clips on the bottom. All we need is a split line and two halves with cavity.


I am able to cavetise the part, but then unable to cut where the split line should go. If i do the cut for the split line first then i am unable to cavetise it. Going over the part i see many many small faces that i think are causing the problem. I found a few that are rippled with tiny variations. I am at a point where i am going to have to redraw the whole part so that i know it has no bad geometry. If you take a look at the files you will see what im trying to do. Let me know if im heading in the wrong direction. (Or if what im saying here is not making sense. Its bit difficult to explain using text.)


Thanks in advance.