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2D sketch to 3D guide curve

Question asked by Greg Hyman on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by Greg Hyman

Our customer has sent us a drawing, but is unable to send us a solid model.


The part requires a ball mill to cut a series of rounded slots in the face of a part.


The drawing shows the profile of the slot (the guide curve) as a 2-d sketch, and the length of the slot in radial degrees.


I fully understand the sketch, and I also understand the intent... but I am unable for the life of me to get SW to let me wrap the guide curve around the necessary diameter.


I am using a closed sketch, assuming I could simply  Insert->Features->Wrap->Scribe and then grab the profile to drive my radius cut... but I am unable to complete the wrap operation, "Wrap failed, could not use any contour(s) from sketch.


Could any gurus please explain it to me in small words?