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Established Seattle Mfg. Firm Looking to Hire Design & Mechanical Engineers

Question asked by Jeff Carnevali on Feb 15, 2015

We're an established (25 year old) company that is located in Seattle, WA that offers more than 5,000 quality products.  Visit our website at  Our company designs, tools and manufactures more than 50 new products every year so the job role for an industrial designer will be dynamic and varied.  Our facilities include die casting of aluminum, injection molding of both rubber and plastic and we also have a machine shop and fabrication facility.  We currently have one engineer and are looking to hire a person to compliment and eventually lead our engineering department.  The best fit at this time would be a self motivated person with design engineering skills.  NPI has a full medical, dental and vision insurance plan, 401K, flexible hours and paid time off.  If you're interested in living in beautiful Seattle, WA and think you might be a fit, we would love to hear from you.