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How to create referencepoints on edge

Question asked by Dennis Moll on Feb 15, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by Dennis Moll

Hey all.


I am trying to create some evenly distributed referencepoints between two points on an edge. This can be done with FeatureMgr::InsertReferencePoints. Because i need the points between two points, i use the edge's curve and create a trimmed curve between the two points. InsertReferencePoints creates the points on a selected object. I am kind of new to solidworks but it seems that you can't select curves?


So i created a referencecurve from the splinedata. This works but i have to loop through up to 100 referencecurves. They all show up but if i try to create the referencepoints for one referencecurve, solidworks crashes with half of them. The reason is an access violation in the ram so guess it loses its pointer sometimes. Is there an easier way to create the referencepoints?


If not i have another problem. The featuretree only updates every second or third created referencecurve even if i use the update method or the superrebuild macro from the forum. Could you force an update?