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simulating threading of a textile machine

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by Gordon Rigg

I'm trying to check the threading of a component on a textile machine to be sure the thread will "self thread" with a moving yarn. It will find the shortest route through the system.

In this simple example I am looking at the total length of the 3D sketch1, which is available as sensor1, as the offset of plane 1 is reduced.

What I would like to achieve is a plot of sensor1 output vs plane 1 offset so I can see the length is reducing steadily as the yarn drops into the device.

Next want is to have the 3D sketch follow the edge of the part across the ends of the radii that make up the edge.

It is following the middle of the plates, as if they were zero thickness, the edge radius is not considered. That is probably good enough for all my cases.


Obviously I can manually change the pknae offset and check the changes in sensor 1 but I'd like this to generate automatically for a rawnge of plane1 offset in a way that makes it quick to look at different profile geometries and yarn entry and exit definitions.


I attached a SW1014 pack and go of this assembly.


Any ideas as to the best way to approach this?