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Best way to migrate data from old vault to new

Question asked by John Fair on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by Prasad Bhonsule

For some background, Our first EPDM Admin's MO was individual vaults per project.  Then he moved on and another guy came in and he pushed for combining multiple projects into one vault.  He got the vault setup, and one project is in process in that vault.  Althought it's fairly early in development.  But now that guy left and it's fallen to me to complete integration. yay...


We have a project in one of those individual vaults that is soon to hit a milestone, and we are looking at migrating that project to the new vault after the milestone.  Bringing the data in is not a problem.  We don't care about file history because the old vault will be maintained if we need to use it as a resource for file history.


It's the custom properties/variables that has me concerned.  The variable names on the old templates is different than their equivalent in the new vault.  There are a good 15-20 variables that will need to be mapped from the old vault to the new vault in order to use the new templates. Parts in the old vault used "Partnumber" for the part number which is now "Piecemark" in new vault.  Any drawings/parts we touch in the new vault will have the drawing template replaced (ie. Drawnby in old vault is Draftername in new vault)


I'm looking for advice on mapping the old variable values to the new variables for all the old data so it shows up properly in the new drawing templates (ie Drawnby value is maintained in titleblock, Piecemark shows in BOM with the Partnumber value, etc.).  Is it possible to do this in the initial file checkin? 


Hope that explains my issue...  Any advice is appriciated.