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Ballooning/detailing weldments parts with hidden bodies

Question asked by Andre Richard on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2015 by VENKATESH S.

Hi everyone,


Looking for a best practice for my current situation:


I'm designing a lot of parts with weldments and sheet metal parts all together in one part (instead of an assembly). It works perfectly fine for the modeling process, but it becomes a pain when I want to do a set of drawings on how to assemble these creations.


I can use configurations to setup the part with different pieces shown/hidden, but i found that to be inconsistent; I'd get parts re-appearing after switching configurations, sheet metal flat patterns often having other parts shown when they should be hidden etc. At the very least I need to be able to hide my sheet metal parts to be able to call out the weldment pieces behind them.


I recently tried to use display states instead of configurations, and while it's quicker to setup and get going, when I point a balloon to a weldment part, it will "see" the hidden sheet metal part that's in front of it first, and use the item number of the sheet metal instead.


I've also started using configurations and the delete body feature instead of hiding parts. This works well but is slower than the other 2 options, and adds features that makes it annoying when I make changes to a design.


Anyone else encounter this kind of situation? how do you deal with it? My industry is pretty fast-paced, so speed is the priority, while keeping accuracy and avoiding having to hand-type any numbers in a drawing to keep it parametric,