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Why Can't I Reconstruct Whole Part from Segment?

Question asked by John Willett on Feb 14, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2015 by Erik Bilello

In SW Premium 2014 SP5.0 x64, I had sliced a 60 deg. segment out of a circularly symmetric part, planning to use a circular symmetry constraint in static simulation of the whole part.  (I was unable to apply this constraint because it would not allow me to select an axis of symmetry, so I'm testing to see whether the segment is a "valid section" for this constraint.)  I tried to rebuild the entire part from the segment using a circular pattern feature -- see below:

Rebuild Errors.png

As you can see, there are at least three choices for axis of revolution, but none of them works:


1) The obvious choice, "Centerline in Top Plane," was drawn specifically to be an axis of revolution, but it outlines replications in the wrong plane.

2) "Edge@60 Deg Segment" is the inner edge of the "pie slice," as shown in the above image, but results in "Rebuild Errors."

3) I'm not sure exactly what "Axis" is (maybe the axis of the successful "Repeated Notch" circular pattern feature?) but it produces the same result as (2).


I've checked the underlying sketches and earlier features as best I can, but I cannot discover my error.  Any debugging suggestions? -- John Willett