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Can't get material property to update on data card

Question asked by Steven Snyder on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2015 by Steven Snyder

I followed the example shown in Mark Clayton's post here to map material properties to a custom property then map that to a data card variable Re: Material Properties to EPDM data card


Below I show my custom properties for the test part, the data card which omits the material property value, my data card settings, and my material variable definition.


My part file custom properties and data card as seen in the EPDM explorer view:

As you can see, the material property is evaluated correctly ("PC High Viscosity") but the value isn't shown in the data card. I also see the broken chain link icon; but haven't been able to determine what that means. Perhaps a hint to the problem? The weight isn't updating to the data card either...



Here is my data card and the properties for the edit-box that I want the material value to appear in:


Finally, here is my Material variable definition: