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    Confining a shaft within an oversized slot

    John Gazley

      I am trying to confine a bearing shaft within a slot. It is a moving arm on a test fixture. It is in a slot that is twice the width of the sleeve bearing. Picture a rotating arm used to cycle a laptop. The slotted rail is on the laptop flap. As the arm rotates the bearing contacts the upper part of the slot, when it returns the other way it moves freely in the slot until it contacts the opposite side and then it lifts on that side. How do I confine it within that over sized slot so I can use motion.Fixture Arm Pic.PNG

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          Bryan Kohn

          Hi John,

          I have SW2015 Premium and I was able to do what I think you are asking no problem. In the Motion Study, you have to select the bearing and the slot as a "Contact Pair" and SW will do the rest. Requires Basic Motion or Motion Analysis Mode for the Motion Study. Animation Mode doesn't allow me to use the Contact pair. So I am not sure what version of SW you are using or if these features are available to you but with the right set up, it will be a breeze. I did a simple mock up to test and you can see it in the video attached.  Mine bounces a bit on the down stroke due to a lack of gravity and friction.