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    Save-As Lower Version file format !!!


      Dear Experts,


      It would be great, if while saving the file there is a option to save it as lower version's. So that, irrespective of my/your vendor's version; you can still use latest (2015 SP 1.1) SW and benefited from its recent advancements.


      Least of it, this feature should be added for Service Pack's within same version. [eg: If you currently use 2014 SP 5.0 and still you can save the file as 2014 SP 1.1]


      What do you feel ppl ???



      Ajay Selvam

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          John Lhuillier

          There should be no problems saving from a 2014 SP5 back to a 2014 SP1.1. As for going from major versions backwards I don't think you'll ever see it & have it keep all of the features that are in the feature tree. If you look at any of the 3d modeling programs none of them have backwards compatibility. The only exception to this may be Solidedge or NX with their syncronis technology but that doesn't rely on the feature tree. For as many people that have asked for this as long as they have been asking for it with no success I won't hold my breath waiting for it any time soon.

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            Brian McEwen

            It would be nice.

            The do have this now 2014 SOLIDWORKS Help - Future Version Components in Earlier Releases

            A very limited solution.

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                Jared Conway

                ajay, 2014 > 2014 will have few issues. there are some changes in sp that make it not possible to go down and some products have limits like flow which requires the sp to be the same.


                2015 > 2014, this is no longer possible. we may see something in 2016 but i haven't seen anything. 2014 > 2013 is possible if 2013 is at sp5.0, that is the interoperability functionality.


                overall, this is a very challenging feature to add to cad, you'll see a lot of discussions about it. if you could do it, it is a million dollar idea. but for now most get away with using neutral files or using something like capvidia if you really want features.


                submit an enhancement request through your resellers and advocate at your user group for additional functionality here in the future. i would also recommend putting this in general solidworks forums rather than the dedicated simulation forum.