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Moving Solidworks Route Into Sub Assembly

Question asked by Craig Ashmore on Feb 14, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by Nick Dunham

Ok first let me say I have already found a work around to this but its not pretty nor time efficient and also does not fall under the top down type modeling practice that I would like to use.


Our company works in the oil and gas industry.  We specialize in modular pipe racks.  So lets say that I have two pieces of equipment that need to be connected via a pipe spool.


Obviously standard modeling techniques would say to create an assembly with the two pieces of equipment and then route using standard routing methods. I.e, bring flange in, let it auto mate to existing flange, do the same for the other piece of equipment and the connect the routes. Simple enough.


But this is where my problem occurs. This newly created pipe spool will be supported by a pipe rack (skid), so I have to create (in addition to the piping iso) an assembly drawing so that the rack and pipe can be assembled per required dimensions and then shipped to the field and installed. Problem is that if I move the route into the pipe rack subassembly, I loose my flange mate references. They can be gone back and re-mated but this is too time consuming. 


Currently this is my work around but requires a great deal of dimensional adjustment should the equipment change spacing.


Create Skid Part

Create Pipe Assembly

Create Skid Assembly With Piping --> This assembly has the skid part and pipe assembly

Create "Overall" Assembly with Equipment and Skid Assembly With Piping. --> I then mate them so that one end of the piping assembly is "connected" to the first piece of equipment and then I dimension the route so that it lines up with the second piece of equipment.


As you can see, if the second piece of equipment moves then my pipe spool does not update accordingly so I have to manually adjust the spool dimensions.


If I need to clarify any of this please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks - Craig