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    Vault Referencing for files on network

    robert dattilo


                  At my company we are trying to
      dabble into the Pdm works a bit. Some bigger groups (4 users) prior to smaller
      user departments (1 or 2 users); anyway, one question that I have, on our
      networks we have a lot of archive files, so let’s say we were to change a
      fitting used on 400 old assembly files for now left on the network. We change
      the length or something; it will need to change in all 400 assemblies. They are
      left out in our network location, but we want to let’s say take a revision from
      a “D” to an “E” on the fitting itself then put it into the vault. Is there a
      way to point all those assemblies on the network to the new location of the
      part in the vault?

          I know if you delete the part in the
      network, then when you open the assembly, it will say it can’t find the file
      would you like to browse for it yourself? At that point could you point it to
      the new location in the vault. The guy in one of the bigger departments
      somewhat spear-heading this says we can’t, but I’ve heard you can from other
      sources. This would be so much easier to make the move, because I worry about
      the old assemblies not grabbing the most up to date parts, & yet some of
      the older stuff we may never use, so I don’t want to fuss with them more then I
      need to do. Having said that I can’t see any location for anything on the vault
      from my computer; the directories or folders seem to be hidden, so I don’t know
      how I would find the files when browsing. I can only see from my c: drive, if I
      wanted to check files in etc.. 

          Thanks for your patients in reading this, I
      guess for now I’d just like to know can this be done, & then we could deal
      with how to do it.


      Thanks for any input in advance;

      SW 20014 Sp4

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          Kenneth Barrentine

          it's not possible to point (reference) to documents inside PDMW.


          if the 400 assemblies were in the vault then your scenario would work.

          everything has to be in the vault for this to work.

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              robert dattilo

              Hello Kenneth;

                  Thanks for the reply. I was talking to someone from SW about another issue and mentioned moving to WPDM, any way he seemed to give the impression that you can go about this gradually. It almost seems to me that the easiest thing to do, & right now I'm looking at this from the outside in, would be as a last step to make a copy of the file from the vault, if possible, or right before you check it in etc., & put it into the network where all these files are looking for this stuff. That is until the stuff all ends up in the vault. A bit of a cumbersome step, but I would think worth it temporarily to be able to gain working off the C:Drive. The think I don't like is having more than one kind of like nucleus, but how else could you do it, aside from moving everything, & I'm sure that could have it's own set of even greater challenges.  


              Any further thoughts appreciated;