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EPDM Custom task setup page crashes when selected.

Question asked by Tyler Johnson on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by Tyler Johnson

I'm creating an add-in similar to the 2014 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Task Add-in Sample.


Both mine and the sample behave the same way.  I can get to the point of creating a new task and the custom page created by OnTaskSetup appears in the list on the left of the new task screen.  But selecting that page causes the EPDM Admin to go not responding.


It appears one other person has had this exact same issue, he posted in the EPDM forum with no help.  EPDM API:  Task Add-in Example Crashing EPDM Admin Tool


So I'm trying here, any ideas?


Running EPDM 2015.  Add-in is .net 4.0.  Windows 7x64.