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EPDM Referenced Files

Question asked by Nikola Cvetojevic on Feb 12, 2015

Hi, I am having issues with new drawings being created from existing drawings and saving them into my EPDM vault. Essentially, I have a drawing of a part that I typically send to a machine shop for manufacturing. That same drawing is sometimes reused to send to a customer but saved with a new file name and stored in a different folder in my vault. Also the new drawing typically has some dimensions and/or notes removed. What I typically do to create this new drawing is I open the original drawing I am working with, select "Save", enter new name and select my new location, and select "Save as Copy" button. That then creates my new drawing file where I can remove or add dimensions and/or notes. What I am noticing is when the file is placed in the different folder, after checking in the drawing, when select the contains tab of this new drawing, the original drawing I used for the creation of this new drawing is being referenced and it's highlighted in a blue color. Ideally, the drawing should only contain the reference to the part file and nothing else. Also, I have noticed this for only drawings and not part files (I am unsure about assemblies). Is there a way to remove this?