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    Simulation files and EPDM

    Steve Reinisch

      A general question:

      How are people using EPDM and simulation files?


      The way we operate is that our engineering group may generate geometry in Solidworks as a design concept and then use that to do the analysis. They may then hand those over to the design office to either use and have fleshed out or use as reference because as we all know engineers are typically lousy modellers .


      Another scenario is that the design office may generate the initial geometry that the engineers then use to do the analysis but we don't want them messing around in our files so they would do a pack and go and work on that.


      So we would now have 2 versions of the files, one being the official version that drawings are generated from and one being the simulation version. The problem with that is you now have twice the work to do should the geometry change and you have to manage twice the number of files.


      We would like to place the simulation files and reports into EPDM and run them through an approval work flow but it just seems cumbersome.


      How are others doing this?


      Thanks for any and all feedback.

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          Mike Ramsey

          We're storing FEA data in EPDM. We don't make it go through any workflow right now just use it as a storage location. We have a "workflow" with only one state and no transitions to hold the files FEA or CFD creates. The process goes something like this;


          1. Save out file to perform analysis in design calculation folder of the project. File name example 12345_FEA.SLD*
          2. If modifying individual components save out a copy in design calculation folder with same naming scheme.
          3. Run the analysis and check everything in when done.


          We did play around with configurations on developmental components where we would have a simplified configureation of the component with all the split lines and suppressed geometry you would need but that didn't work real well when making drawings and releasing to production for some reason. The drafting group really struggled with it for some reason.

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              Krisztian Bimbo

              Very interesting topic.


              I suppose simulation files and vault storage depends on the FEA tool to a great extent.


              What FEA tool do you guys use?


              I am having a similar dilemma. We use Ansys W.B 16.1 + Ansys CFD and I am in the process of introducing EPDM to control our SW design data (multiple locations with data replication in the UK, US, Germany, China).


              Steve, have you eventually trailed storing your simulation data in EPDM? 


              Mike,  " 1. Save out file..."  does this mean checking SW model files out to your local EPDM cash folder?


              How does your network cope with transfering this large amount of data?



              Many thanks