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Simulation files and EPDM

Question asked by Steve Reinisch on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by Krisztian Bimbo

A general question:

How are people using EPDM and simulation files?


The way we operate is that our engineering group may generate geometry in Solidworks as a design concept and then use that to do the analysis. They may then hand those over to the design office to either use and have fleshed out or use as reference because as we all know engineers are typically lousy modellers .


Another scenario is that the design office may generate the initial geometry that the engineers then use to do the analysis but we don't want them messing around in our files so they would do a pack and go and work on that.


So we would now have 2 versions of the files, one being the official version that drawings are generated from and one being the simulation version. The problem with that is you now have twice the work to do should the geometry change and you have to manage twice the number of files.


We would like to place the simulation files and reports into EPDM and run them through an approval work flow but it just seems cumbersome.


How are others doing this?


Thanks for any and all feedback.