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    custom property linking

    gil maor

      Hello All.


      I'm Trying to link two custom properties so that the Thickness


      So I will get the material thickness automatically in the drawing sheet, and not having to choose manually the thickness in file->properties.


      since the thickness property is "Thickness@<File name>"





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          Mike Helsinger

          Before you proceed, check with your supervisor / department head about creating new drawing templates, they may not wish for you to create or alter these files or prefer to have their own input.


          Create a simple drawing that has the links you want to a simple part.  When the links are in place choose File - Save As... - Drawing Templates (*drwdot).  You may get a message explaining that some features of the drawing will be removed. 

          Select OK and proceed with naming and locating the new template file.


          I recommend closing and trying out your new template file with a few existing parts and tweak as needed.  One more thing to do once you are satisfied - File - Save Sheet Format...  & name and locate this file.  This gives you a template for adding or formatting sheets once while you are working within a drawing through Sheet Properties.  Again, your supervisor will want to be aware of your actions here.  You can create many useful tools for yourself with these processes.

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            Daen Hendrickson



            To get your thickness into your drawing, you will need to create a custom property in your part file and set it equal to thickness.




            In your drawing you will need to create a note that is linked back to the part custom property you created above. This note can be in one of the views or in the titleblock. Save your sheet format and/or your drawing template (depending on where the note is placed) to have this note automatically populated with each new drawing.


            Linked Note.jpg