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    Surface velocity using goals ?

    Rudy Lyon

      I am attempting to perform an optimization study where I want to minimize the average "near" surface velocity along a few faces. Unlike when generating a surface plot, where an offset option can be picked so "near" surface velocity can be visualized, there is no such method when setting up goals that would be used for optimization. Does anyone know a workaround to what appears to be a limitation? It may help to also suggest that I am using surface velocity as an "indicator" of erosion rate. 

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          Bill McEachern

          well you could put in a solid object that has a surface where you want to have the goal measured. You would then disable it in component control so it would be treated as fluid but you can still use the surface upon which you can apply your goal or average velocity. I would think that you would want to have multiple cells between your surface and the wall to avoid wall model issues. They would likely be less of an issue if you have lots of cells from which to compute the nearest velocity if what your are seeking is within the B'layer.