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Multiple user interfaces

Question asked by Mike Helsinger on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by Mike Helsinger

I'm a one man department at my company that is now taking on another employee as an engineering trainee.  I'm exploring the Save/Restore Settings tools and I'm curious how can we best share a single workstation?  I have loads of customization including over one hundred keyboard shortcuts, drawing and part templates, System Options, Material Favorites, Hole Wizard customization, and a macro.  I do not yet know how much of this my trainee is going to want to utilize.  Perhaps he will prefer to start with the out of the box interface or branch off from my preferences, unknown.  As I consider the what's and how's of best serving both our interests, I'd like to get some ideas off the seasoned administrators out there.  I'm accustomed to being a lowly SW user, so these administrative concerns are new to me.  We are not concerned with a vault or PDM concerns.


We are running SW Premium 2014 x64 SP 4.0 -> SW2015 some time after the first quarter.