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    "Unknown Error..." message after importing DWG file

    Alex Kavanaugh



      Thanks in advance for your help.


      I am importing vendor drawings in DWG format into a SolidWorks drawing file.  I am importing from several different DWG files.  Each file will import into an individual drawing such that I have Solidworks drawings A, B and C with DWG files a, b and c imported with all content (borders, blocks, drawings, dimensions, comments, etc.).  I can save each of these without issue.  I need to combine A, B and C SolidWorks drawings into a single drawing D containing all the DWG files.  So  I start a new drawing and call it D, save it to network.  I copy the relevant sheets from A and paste into D, file saves fine.  Do the same for B into D, saves fine.  Go through the same process with the sheets from C, copy into D, attempt to save and I get the classic "An unknown error occurred while accessing..."  I assume the issue is somewhere in the C file, something wrong with the importing maybe.  But it imports to its own file just fine. 


      Also, I instead of copying sheets I attempt to import the DWG file directly into drawing D, it comes through with the model views only - no dimensions, blocks, comments, nothing.  If I go the other way and copy sheets from the other files into the C (bad) file, I get the same error.  so it seems like there is some compatibility issue happening when the various sheets meet......................THOUGHTS?