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Detached Drawing not showing correct edge colors

Question asked by Tai Wei Yang on Feb 11, 2015

Hi all,


I tried to use detached drawing to quicken the loading times of solidworks.

However, i came across this problem where the color of the edges follows the part instead of the assembly when i enable use model color for HLR/HLV is drawing.


The following is my original colors:


                                                                       Correct Edges color as required

However, when i save as detached drawings, it becomes like this:


                                                          wrong color when saved as detached drawing

As you can see, i only want to keep the color of the edges gray and black. I have also noticed that the detached drawing is colored correctly when i use shaded with edges mode.


                                           Shaded with edges is colored correctly


I am currently using solidworks 2014.

Note: I do not have the option to save as edrawing file as i have to constantly update a table in the drawing.


Thanks in advance.