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    Managing file card locations

    Alan Powell Davies

      It is possible associate file cards templates with locations in EPDM by saving them to a specific location.  However is it possible to associate file cards with multiple folders of the same name.  For example, we have multiple project folders each containing sub folders for Correspondence, Documentation & Engineering Docs.  How can we set up separate file cards for Correspondence, Documentation & Engineering Docs?


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          R. Vignesh

          I suppose you mean to say that Correspondence, Documentation & Engineering Docs of 27012,27081 & 27163 each will have separate data cards.

          For this as you said you will need to save the file cards templates in EPDM by saving them to a specific location. EPDM will allow you to create and save the separate data cards for each folder although the name of the folders are same.

          Since the location of each folder is different, there must not be any problem.


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              Alan Powell Davies

              What I am after is a file card for all files in the folders called Correspondence, then another for all files in Documentation and another for Engineering Docs. In the three project example above we could save each file card three times and get the desired results.  Unfortunately we currently have 10,000+ project folders and we are starting new projects all the time, so saving to every location is not practical.

              What I would like to do is associate one file card with the location %\Correspondence\% and then another card with location %\Documentation\% and so on.