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Why does PV360 hang on "computing irradiance pre-pass"?

Question asked by Chris B. on Feb 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2015 by Chris B.

Hi All.  Using PV360 2014


I rendered an image fine this morning, in "soft spotlight" scene.

Then I changed it to an outdoor type scene called "rooftop"

Then PV360 completely hung, and froze my computer


It was hung on "computing irradiance pre-pass 1/4"


Instead of taking 45 seconds to render (as it had in "soft spotlight scene") it was now only 0.2% done after 15 minutes meaning it was going to take hours to render the same scene


Any idea what happened?   Or how to remedy this?


Now, even when I go back to "soft spotlight" scene it still hangs.  Even after restarting the PC.  Must be a different setting causing it... ?

PV360 is completely un-usable now

computing irradiance pre-pass.png