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    Mirrored part holes

    Tony Thompson

      I have a part that has several tapped holes and I need a LH and RH version so I mirrored my part for the opposite hand and when I detail the part none of the tapped holes are correct. It only has the tap drill and depth and in some cases when the drilled hole breaks into another hole it will only give me a radius dimension nor will it show the number of instances of any holes tapped or not tapped. I was aware of the defect in earlier versions of SW but I am using 2015 and I know that this has always been a problem and you would think the SolidWorks would have fixed this by now. Has SolidWorks ever addressed this issue and if not are they ever going to fix this. I have also experienced many other bugs in the 2015 version that should have need addressed by now and this makes me concerned that maybe SW is not properly developing future versions because these problems shouldn't still exist after so many years of paying maintenance to fix crap like the mirrored part holes which has received many complaints but they just don't seem to care.


      Does anyone know if the mirrored part holes work correctly in Inventor? Because of all of the bugs in SW that haven't been addressed we are taking a closer look at switching to Inventor because from the Engineers that I know using Inventor it appears that Autodesk is listening to it users and putting more effort in future development of the product. Another example is the inability of SW to create a simple Line through XYZ points and this is something that I have been able to do in Mechanical Desktop even back in early 2000, which I have been asking for since SW 2006, you can create a Curve this way but not a Line and that is just plain stupid in this day and age to not be able to do something so simple. Inventor does this very well and even allowing you to pull the points in from an Excel spread sheet. Our business deals mainly with bending and forming tubing products and all of the drawings supplied by our customers have an XYZ chart which we use to model the tube centerline.


      I have used SW since 2004 and have always been a big fan of SW but I am loosing faith in their commitment to the future of the product epically with problems like holes in mirrored parts that they just seem to ignore and leaving out the Lines through XYZ points that everyone else does, even and old product like Mechanical Desktop which is what I used before switching to SW will allow you to do this.