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    Problem with projected curve

    Jelle Meerman

      Hey guys,


      I'm a bit new in surface modelling. I have some trouble with a projected curve.

      When I draw 2 sketches on different planes, the projected curve doesn't cover the full sketches.

      I especially have trouble with this, modelling the outlines of the headlights.

      Could anyone please help me with this problem?


      Thanks in advance!



        • Re: Problem with projected curve
          Jesse Robbers

          Currently the sketches are not defined and the splines don't fully intersect each other. The portion(s) of the splines that do not intersect are the portions that are missing from the curve. There needs to be some simple relations for them. The end points of sketch24 should be horizontal to the appropriate endpoints of sketch23. This should do it or most of it. If the very ends of the curve are a bit funky, play with the handles on the splines a bit. To make this more visual friendly, you could extrude each sketch so that they intersect each other. Select both surfaces, choose the Intersection Curve tool, and the resulting 3Dsketch is the Curve.