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    Austin Schweda

      I have a few questions that my teacher is unable to answer for me so I decided to reach out to other places.  I am trying to create an animation of a vice with a block.  I want the block of material to raise up, rotate, and then sit back down into the original position.  I would like this to happen four times until each side of the block has been facing up.  What method should I use to make this happe.  This animation is meant to eventually be a How To Video for future students.  Any advide anyone can give me a appreciated!!



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          Koko Katanjian

          keyframe animation. i'm sure you've gotten as far as basic motion study, but i ca give you a quick rundown of keyframe animation.

          so in the motion study thing on the bottom, youll see a yellow line. that is the line that governs time. you pick at what time things need to be like they are. so for instance drag the gold line to the 1 second mark or wherever you want to start your animation, and then go down to where you're part is that you'd like to rotate. right click on the line that lines up with the part, and the gold line and hit create key or something along those lines.

               then move the gold line a second later, and then move the part the way you want it to look, and it will fill in the blanks.

          rotating is kind of a pain in the ass in assemblies, so right click the object and you'll see a rotate thing and an XYZ. from there its pretty self explanatory.

          you can also use the gold line to create mates within the animation in order to move your object the way they need to be. just move the gold line wherever, and create the mate.

          and, BOOM you get a 100% on your grade.


          Edit: unfortunately there are like... 0 good tutorials out there for this subject, so i hope this helps breh.