Koko Katanjian

ITT: Ram Usage reduction in relation to weldments

Discussion created by Koko Katanjian on Feb 10, 2015

SO i've got a large assembly going using weldments, and i am aware of the bugfix they created for 2016, and i have that already purchased through my VAR, but i'm working on a time crucial project, and i'm having to make a single change, then restart SW. Open it up again, then make another change, lather, rinse, repeat. and it wastes too much time.

I DO have the weldments portion of the assembly complete, so is there a way i can convert the weldments to a solid object, then use that?

Now thinking about it, if i exported as a STEP, would importing it as that reduce RAM usage? Idunnoe. has anybody else found a way around this?


ITT: Ram reduction in relation to weldments