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version compatibility for properties.txt file?

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2015 by Nathan Rollins

Hi all,


I had a "The properties.txt file cannot be located at the specified location... The SolidWorks software will use the properties.txt file located at <install_dir>\lang\...) message start to pop up in my 2013 install when making configs of an assembly.  So I read the many threads regarding this issue and I think I am all set (thanks to Charley Leonard for posting the "as shipped" version of the file)


My question is regarding multiple versions installed.  I like to keep all of my CAD configuration / settings files (hardware libraries, start parts, drawing formats, system colors settings, etc.) in a Dropbox folder for safe keeping and migration purposes.  I decided to put my properties.txt file there as well...  Will this be an issue with multiple versions of swx?  Currently I run 2012,13 and 14 - and I know 15 is coming soon enough for me... (can't wait)


It seems like a pretty simple text file - I cannot imagine why it would mind being read by multiple versions...


Any thoughts on this?