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Can SolidWorks do motion simulation

Question asked by Red Lewis on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2015 by Jared Conway

I do not have SolidWorks yet.  I am trying to to find the right tools for my needs.  I work with an aluminum/stainless steel fabricator which I usually just provide paper designs as he does not want any kind of soft data.   My problem is that I cannot complete some new designs without some sort of simulation.  I do not need any force or stress analysis, I just need to know how long to design the metal pieces and where to put the rotation pins.  Even a crude 2D simulation would show me what was going on.  The drawing below is just an overly simple example of the kinds of simulation motion I would need to know what to design.  I would want to take a mouse and drag the lower bar up and see what the other attached bars did and the clearances they had with other items.



Can SolidWorks do this?  or with some kind of add-on software?


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