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How do you rotate a part and change orientation, should be simple no?

Question asked by Eddie Bracken on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Jody Holm

So I am rather new to Solidworks.  I have used Inventor for a long time though, and while things for the most part seem better in Solidworks, there are times when I cannot do a simple thing that I could in Inventor.  I basically want to rotate a part 90 degrees and change that orientation. Or even rotate a part and snap 90 degrees to that view.  In Inventor its easy, in the rotation and orientation view you can choose your view, then rotate it 90 degrees within that window, and then right click, change orientation, very easy.

In Solidworks I cannot do this, and its frustrating.  The only command that seems to get me close to what I want is the roll command.  It allows me to rotate the view as I want, but it does not snap to 90 degrees.  Just seems to be a free rotating view.  Then if I click rotate, it rotates the whole part, not what I want.  Is there more functionality to the roll command? Or an easier way to do what I want?


So I created a simple flat sheet metal part. I use Orientation, Normal to command to snap to the view I want, but now I simply want to rotate and snap the view 90 degrees and change the orientation permanantly.  Is there a simple way to do this?  Or how come the 3D orientation cube doesn't have more functionality to do this? A co-worker showed me to go into sketch, select all entities and then rotate entities.  Which essentially did get me where I wanted.  But isn't there an easy way to do this per the view and rotate commands? In Inventor its much more easier.



Would appreciate any help, frustrated Solidworks user here...