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Myth about SolidWorks-Vs-Hardware !!!

Question asked by AJAY SELVAM on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by Jared Conway

Dear Experts,


It's been taunting Design Team, Management & IT Team of each company out there with less availability of details on OPTIMIZING PERFORMANCE (NOT on choosing right hardware)...


--> With given decent workstation, how to improvise the performance of solving Simulation....???

To get detailed insight into this, we first need to know these below,

     --1. In SW SIMULATION, is speed of solvers depends on hardware spec. ? (if so then, higher the spec. is directly proportional to shorter the solving time).

     -- 2. Solving for Dynamic analysis with  workstations takes ample of time and can ideas like following will help ? Kindly share your expertise plz...

          --i. Task manager-->Priority-->High

          --ii. Increasing Virtual memory..


Kindly share your views on following as well plz..,

---> How logical processors, cache memory & cores are linked to speed up simulation ???

---> Does DDR 3 ECC Ram is the best suited ?


Cheers Guys...